En Route a Midi

As the weather in the Alsace returned to normal April temperatures we decided to head south. The rain and high winds made our progress slow, so we stopped overnight just south of Lyon at a small village called Beausemblant, where there was another free Aire, probably the most beautiful one we have stayed in, with far-reaching views towards the Ardeche mountains on the other side of the Rhone river. We strolled around the village, found a bakery with four different types of baguette and wandered up the hill behind the Aire to find the village pond where we relaxed in the warm sunshine.


Vineyards line the banks of the Rhone for over 100 miles producing deep reds and spicy whites as well as roses. One of Penny’s favourites is Crozes-Hermitage, which was almost next door to where we stayed overnight. It’s a full-bodied red made from Syrah grapes.

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